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Child Relocation

Family Law Attorneys Representing Nashville Parents

Parents make many important decisions that affect the lives of their children. Sometimes parents separate or divorce and consider relocating. Relocating before or after there is a parenting arrangement can complicate child custody and visitation planning. Nashville child relocation lawyer Amanda Raye Thornton provides compassionate representation to people confronting custody, visitation, and relocation issues. People facing these challenges in Middle Tennessee can receive a initial consultation from a child custody attorney at our office. Our team responds to inquiries received within 24 hours. We are here to listen to the circumstances in which you find yourself and advocate for the interests of your child and you.

The Process of Child Relocation in Tennessee

Tennessee law provides that, if either parent who spends time with their child desires to move out of state or more than 50 miles away from the other parent within the state, the other parent must be notified. The parents can then come to an agreement with respect to a new visitation schedule, or the relocating parent will be required by law to file a petition seeking to alter visitation. The principal considerations of a court in determining whether or not to allow a parent to relocate with a child over the opposition of the other parent are based on the best interests of the child standard. A child relocation attorney can explain to Nashville parents and others what this standard comprises.

If the parents are actually spending substantially equal intervals of time with the child, and the relocating parent seeks to move with the child, the other parent may file a petition opposing the removal of the child. If the parents do not spend substantially equal intervals of time with their child, and the parent spending the greater amount of time with the child proposes to relocate with the child, the other parent may also file a petition in opposition. The parent seeking to relocate with the child may not lawfully attempt to relocate unless they are allowed to do so by the court.

The court will allow the parent spending the greater amount of time with the child to relocate with the child unless the court finds that any of certain statutory grounds exist. If the court makes a finding that one or more statutory grounds exist, the court will determine whether or not to permit the relocation of the child, based on the best interests of the child. If the court finds that it is not in the best interests of the child to relocate, but the parent with whom the child resides the majority of the time decides to relocate anyway, the court will make a new custody determination.

A parent wishing to move will not always give the notice prescribed by Tennessee law, which can create an emergency situation for the other parent. Even with notice, it may not be possible for the parents to come to an agreement concerning child relocation and parental visitation. A host of important, time-sensitive legal issues can arise, requiring legal advice. If you or the other parent of your child is attempting to relocate with your child, our firm can help.

Hire an Experienced Child Relocation Lawyer in the Nashville Area

We can ensure that your rights are protected, no matter the complexity of the child custody or visitation situation with which you are confronted. Amanda Raye Thornton can help with child custody, visitation, and relocation issues. As a Nashville child relocation attorney, she serves people in many areas of Middle Tennessee, including residents of Clarksville, Murfreesboro, McMinnville, Franklin, Brentwood, Lebanon, Fayetteville, Lewisburg, Springfield, and Columbia, as well as other communities in Davidson, Montgomery, Rutherford, Warren, Williamson, Wilson, Lincoln, Marshall, Robertson, and Maury Counties. We take pride in working with our clients within their financial means. Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer to assist you with learning about your legal options and how we may be able to assist you. Call Amanda Raye Thornton now at (615) 470-2222 or contact us online so that you can get started.

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She made the worst event of my life end quickly and to my favor. So reasonable in cost. Generous with her time, calls back and helps right away. The best attorney I ever had. Such a thoughtful and capable attorney. Really so thankful I had her.

- JS

Amanda is a SMART, efficient advocate! She is very easy to communicate with. When she referred to our kids as, 'My boys', I was sold. She has the solutions and we can now rest easy thanks to her suggestions and actions.


Amanda was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Where I had questions, she had answers. She expedited the divorce process to the beat of her ability and I can not thank her enough for helping me turn the page and end that chapter of my life. She never once made me feel like she didn't have time for...

- Liz

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