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Amanda is a SMART, efficient advocate! She is very easy to communicate with. When she referred to our kids as, "My boys", I was sold. She has the solutions and we can now rest easy thanks to her suggestions and actions.


Amanda is by far the best family law attorney I have encountered. All of the attorneys I spoke with prior to retaining Amanda gave mixed and inconsistent information. Due to the small town buddy system, many of them were afraid to take on my case. Amanda accepted my case and began working to fix my situation immediately. Amanda is a very straight forward and honest attorney, she does not sell you false hopes or ideas that are unattainable. For some clients this may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear.

Amanda’s office staff is very prompt and precise with handling all matters including but not limited to serving, processing, and collecting information.

Thanks to Amanda I now have a reasonable amount of visitation, and am able to build a thriving relationship with my child. Should I ever need attorney services again there is no question that I will be a returning client. Prior to retaining an attorney elsewhere, I recommend that you give her a call.

- Brandon

I am so grateful for Amanda Thornton. As the unmarried father in my custom situation, I really felt hopeless when my ex moved my children out of state. Amanda took over my case after several mis-steps were taken with another attorney. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about the laws and upfront about the process. She fought for me every step of the way, and ultimately we had a favorable outcome. Amanda didn't make any promises, but she listened and believed in me. She communicates every step of the way - and has a down to earth manor to explaining each step. Her knowledge of the law, strength, and wit brought the best possible outcome in a no win situation for me and my children. I absolutely recommend Amanda and her team.

- Anonymous

She made the worst event of my life end quickly and to my favor. So reasonable in cost. Generous with her time, calls back and helps right away. The best attorney I ever had. Such a thoughtful and capable attorney. Really so thankful I had her.

- JS

Amanda was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Where I had questions, she had answers. She expedited the divorce process to the beat of her ability and I can not thank her enough for helping me turn the page and end that chapter of my life. She never once made me feel like she didn't have time for me nor that she wasn't invested in me getting the outcome I wanted. I tell anyone I can about her services. I'd give her 10 stars if I could.

- Liz

Amanda is down to earth, realistic and straight forward. She knows her stuff and constantly plays out every angle. A true advocate and a bulldog for fathers rights.

- Brian

I had an attorney prior to hiring Amanda that was absolutely terrible. Once I fired them and hired Amanda mid-case, my entire situation did a complete 180. I was listened to, respected, my time wasn't abused, and I came out with everything I wanted. She fought for me like I was the only person she had on her agenda. I never once felt like she was too busy or didn't care. If I hadn't hired her, who knows where I would be. She was a life saver and a game changer. She doesn't take any BS and is a straight shooter too. I'll never have another attorney. She's the only one I'll ever use from now on. I can't thank her enough.

- Angela

When Amanda took over my divorce case, I knew right away i was with right person! Before I met her I was weak and vulnerable, and then minute i told her about my case I finally felt like I had Strength again. She immediately understood me and the compassion she had for me I again knew i was with the right person. She had knowledge that left me with no worries. She knew the importance of my kids and I future and she made sure that we had a brighter future to look forward to . I recommend her highly. A person I can trust. Shes the Right person who got your back, she will and does goes over and beyond. The Compassion she gives and brings to the table and shows that she goes even more of what is asked of her is that she takes time to still talk to me on the phone if i have further questions, even a year later after my case! I couldnt ask for anyone better. I know that I can turn to her with any issue and she can solve it. She really has a care and love what she does because she gets the job done right.

- Anonymous

Amanda was very in depth and detailed in all aspects of my case. During the hearing, she was very classy and presented herself, along with myself, in the most professional manner. Don't be fooled, she has no problem bringing out the claws if need be. I will continue to use her for my legal services in the future.

- Travis

Amanda is a great divorce/custody lawyer. I loved that she called me right away, listened to my situation and didn’t seem intimidated at all. She helped me understand the process we had to go through and I felt confident in all the motions & responses she submitted. She also has her own child, so I really feel like this helps her “get it” when you’re fighting for your kid. I also love that I can text her and expect a reply - something I hear is impossible with a lot of lawyers! I really felt cared about and I really cherish her for what she’s doing for my son and I! She also wasn’t afraid to tell me when I needed to STOP and let things go the way they needed to and I can say I appreciate that now! If I had to do it all over again, I’d choose her to represent me in a heartbeat!

I also love her assistant Lisa, she is very helpful and to the point.

- Kimberly

My life was in children were sent to live with their mother, while I was given supervised visitation. I lost my job, my children and my heart...I moved in with my parents and worked any place that would have me. My children cried each time they left me, which broke my heart, even more...This went on for almost four years...I was at my wits end...then one day, my prayers were answered.

Amanda Raye Thornton came into my life...advised me in such a way that gave me hope, where I had not dared before. She placed things before me in such a way that made sense and she told me the truth, upfront. She didn't sugar coat what the outcome could be, but realized the injustice that had been committed against me and my family.

As a result of Mrs. Thornton's faith in me, she brought me through the most difficult of situations imaginable.

I can never thank her enough for helping to give back my children and having all restrictions lifted.

Life is much easier to live today, as I move forward with my family. If you are in need of a family attorney who truly empathizes, please contact Mrs. Amanda Raye Thornton with Roberts, Thornton and Pence in Nashville, TN.

- Anonymous

From the very beginning Ms. Thornton and her paralegal, Lisa were just the best. They were very thorough and informatve. I have recommended her to three different people. You won't be disappointed.

- Tonneshea

I hired Ms. Thornton in 2016 for my child custody case. At the very beginning she said this is a process and throughout the entire case she had to remind my wife and I of this. My case ended up going into a full trial and Ms. Thornton fought for me, for my daughters. As a father I felt as if the odds were already stacked against me, but having a lawyer like Amanda gave me a fighting chance and full custody of my girls. There are no words to express how very grateful and appreciative I am of Ms. Thornton and her paralegal Lisa for everything they did to help my family!

- Jesse

Will start this by saying you will never find a better lawyer it is very clear Amanda takes her job to heart she looks at each case as more than just a paycheck she made it feel as if we were a family fighting together. I am a father that was not only going for full custody but also, being as I live in Texas, I was asking the courts to allow my son to leave Tennessee, neither an easy thing to acomplish! Amanda was there for me 100% before, during, and even after court (don't want to leave out Lisa the woman behind the phone but the greatest help you could ask for) . Amanda absolutely destroyed the opposing party in court and won me full custody (let me add again I am the father). She was very reasonable with pricing and was dedicated and determined throughout everything. Now, months later, I am in a different state and heading back to court and Amanda still answers my phone calls and all my questions, as well as helping my new lawyer with anything he needs. I can honestly say she was so amazingly phenomenal I know I will never find another lawyer as good as her!! THANK YOU AMANDA FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND KEEP DOING FOR MY FAMILY!!!!!

- Anonymous

Amanda Thornton is an excellent lawyer. She is so personable and attentive to her client's needs and concerns. She is very professional and does an outstanding job of representing her clients in court. We could not have asked for a better lawyer! Having her as our lawyer truly took the stress out of our court case!

- Tiffany

First, let me say that Mrs. Thornton did an outstanding job in my custody matter. Secondly, she went above and beyond what one would normally expect of an attorney. She is who you would want to handle what is, quite possibly, one of the most important matters in your life. She is very strong in, and out of, the courtroom. Her arguments are precise, incisive, and very intelligent. Her knowledge of the finer points of the law and procedures is impressive. She will keep you appraised of the situation and communicates very well. In short, I would highly reccomend Mrs. Thornton. You could not ask for a tougher, smarter, sharper, or more diligent attorney. Your family deserves to be defended this well.

- Joseph

I learned my lesson the hard way about finding the cheapest lawyer. A huge weight was lifted off me when I found Amanda and her team. I had to pay more, but I didn’t care because, not only do they know the law so completely and thoroughly, they are also specialists at advocating for father’s rights. They understand the significance of having both parents in the life of the child and thus helped take my emotions out of the picture so that we could make decisions in the best interests of my son. If you want QUALITY representation, Amanda and her team are absolutely worth it!

- John

She was very professional, knew what she was doing. Absolutely would recommend her and use her again if I had to. Amanda is amazing!!!

- Kane

I was already with another lawyer that wasn't cutting out, and already had spent a bunch of money. I was referred to Amanda by one of her friends. She worked with me on my payments, updated me and kept me calm, broke down and explain things to me the simplest way possible( The real life version) and won my case. The other lawyer was running all over my first lawyer tell Amanda stepped in. Once Amanda stepped in the case started to fall in line in my favor. I have full custody of my daughter thanks to Amanda. I will recommend Amanda to anybody that wants custody of their child.

- Robby Mann

Ms. Thornton is knowledgable and respected by mediators and the court. I have retained many corporate and family lawyers and rate Ms. Thornton at the top of her profession. I certainly recommend her to all who need representation.

- Jim

I have had too use Amanda a couple of times in the last couple of years. Also had a good out come in the end. I would recommend Amanda to any of my friends or family that might need an Attorney. She is very out spooking and will work hard for any of her clients.

- Robert

Where to start, Amanda Thornton is one of the most capable, friendly, intelligent, fire cracker yet sensitive to her clients needs when going through difficult periods of time in their life. I have referred her to numerous friends and they also have raving reviews about Ms. Thornton and her performance as their attorney. She is the new definition of an attorney and that is trustworthy, caring, intelligent and honest, qualities that are sometimes difficult to find in attorneys. She looks after her clients by being very knowledgeable in the law and is very confident in the courtroom. I have nothing but a five star rating for her. She has helped me with a Order of Protections and divorce case and also on a business civil action. When children are involved she only has the children's best interest at hand. She communicates with children in a way to set them at ease and makes them feel safe. I can go on and on about how wonderful Amanda Thornton is as an attorney but the bottom line is there is no other attorney that can compare to her abilities if you are looking for a civil attorney!! You will never need another civil attorney after you put your cases in her hands.

- Karmen

I just want to say Amanda has been so very helpful to me in what has been an awful situation for my family. So to anybody seeking not just legal representation but someone that is understanding she is the person to have on your side. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.

- Missy

Amanda Thornton is a hard working lawyer. She will do everything in her power to help you with your case. I personally can say that she has always done what needed to be done with my case and it has always been done in a very professional and timely manor.

- Anonymous